Carnivorous unicorns, an era no one remembers and a quest to find purpose in a series of conveniently inconvenient events.

The Golden Troupe is a story that explores a lot of themes and subject matters.

The overarching theme is that against all odds: Keep. Going.

The bond between humans and other animals is another important theme I want to explore with this story. Much of media depicts the relationships between people and their pets as simplistic and noble. There's SO much more to it than that and I wanna delve in the deep end.

Clear cut. Black and white. Good and evil. So much of society and people's ideals are etched in stone and concrete. Unmoving. What if someone you love could be a bloodthirsty cold blooded killer, but also your best friend? How do you reconcile the two sides of the same person? All that and more within this tale.

If any of those themes seem like something you're interested in, then I invite you to join The Golden Troupe! We're happy you found us and we need all the help we can get in this harsh, ancient world we live in.